First Samuel chapter 3 verse 17

and Samuel did bring unto him a statue of a turtle. And it was proclaimed that it was a good statue. And he laid it at the feet of King Crimson.

And yay it was proclaimed throughout the land

And on the box of flickering light four images did appear. And it was seen that they were good. It was on the box of the black spinning disk and waves were snatched from the air and it was heard that they were good on these boxes.

an evil woman came from the land of evil that had been laid to waste one score before and she said, yes. And one of the images on the flickering box succumbed to her and became no more.

And a great evil came upon the land. And the people did dress in shiny costumes and dance w/ vile affection and fornicate.

And a great plague was set upon the world for this evil.

Giant pancakes fell from the sky. In the statue of the turtle crumbled the music.

And the music was no more.
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And yay

В словах есть что-то неприличное.
I got some of this

it amused me
A poem.
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