So not that it's are really worth anything, but I recently got a carvin v3m and decided to share my 2 cents as a sort of personal review. I'm bored at the moment so your getting a review. Be happy. Haha

So I got this amp as just kinda a second amp in case something happens while also being portable. I also have a peavey Valveking 100 combo and a amt stonehead. However I should mention that I never gig with the peavey. It's heavy and bulky and I'm a wiener. So be it. My main amp is my amt, but tube is louder and the v3m is more versatile

So! On to what it can do!

I bought the carvin v3m because it's tube, it's loud while also being portable, and because it was supposed to be so very versatile with its tone range. All three of these I am happy to confirm, are true! So this amp has a million knobs no switches so I'll just mention what kinda stuff it's got and then give an over view of the channels (whose numbers seem backwards to me. Isn't channel 3 usually a driven channel?...) so be it. I don't care what they're called as long as they do as they are supposed to

So this amp has 3 independent channels, a master volume and reverb, a master boost, a switchable speaker output from 4-16ohms, a power switch to switch from 50-22-7 watts, some pretty lights inside, and a "line out cabinet voiced" input which admittedly idk what is. I'll also mention here that i personally don't use reverb so I'm cool with it, but on my personal amp there is something wrong with my reverb. Cranked it really doesn't do anything but cause a lot of feedback and not make reverby noises. So I don't really have anything to say there

Clean channel
Channel 3 is the clean channel (it's totally backwards). And, like the other 2 channels, it has a presence knob, volume knob, bass, middle, and treble knobs, nd a drive knob. It also has an eqx switch (like the other 2 channels) and 3 different voicing options (in this case they are bright, classic, and soak)
The bass, middle, and treble knobs work the same as any other amp. The bass knob makes it go boom, and the others make it go twang. The eq knobs on all the channels however are very sensitive and have a wide range that they reach. I personally think this is good. The eqx switch works the same on all the channels. It's supposed to increase the range of the eq but honestly to me it sounds similar to putting a clean boost in front of your amp on low. Just kinda gives it more oomph. Puts some dressing on those mashed potatoes ya know.
Okay so how's it sound. That's what yall wanna know.
Well personally I think it sounds good. The clean channel is clean. Can be made to sound pretty acoustic-esque. The bright setting is pretty close to the classic setting, just with a bit more highs. And the soak setting lets it break up just a little bit. Sounds very close to just cranking a clean amp in my opinion. It's also loud. And the volume levels are very close to the driven channels. Which is nice if you switch around. You can get a lot of tones from this channel and I like it. Sounds tasty

Drive channels
I'm lumping both of these together because one is just a copy of the other. They're the same.
So the only difference (other than being hotter) between channel 1 and 2 and channel 3 is the 3 settings. Instead of bright, classic, and soak, you get intense, classic, and thick. They really kinda shape the gain. Intense is reminiscent of a high gain amp, classic is kinda in the middle, and thick is kinda a vintage tone. They also shape the eq just a bit I think but shaping the gain is the best way to explain them I think.
So these channels don't sound bad. You can get a number of different types of tones from them and they seem to be pretty versatile. My only complaint is that the distortion from these channels seems unnecessarily fuzzy. Needs a shave. You kinda gotta work just a little to get a crisp heavy tone.

I think this is a good amp. It seems to be built fairly well (here's hoping the reverb thing on mine is a fluke) and you can get a lot of tasty sounds from it. My only two complaints are that the distortion sounds fuzzy to me and, since there's an adjustable boost, I think they coulda made channel 2 kinda in the middle of 1 and 3. Better for overdrive. That's what I use it for and I set my drive at about 3. This gives a fair drop in volume compared to the other channels.
I will also say that I think this amp sounds good, but I ran an mxr 10-band eq set mostly flat in the effects loop and it made a load of difference. Makes an okay amp sound good and makes this pretty good amp sound great. To me anyway. Puts a pretty bow in that hairy belly if you will.
But overall I think this is a good amp. It's versatile, the adjustable boost makes solos a breeze, and it's loud while still being very portable. The footswitch also has lights, a plus on a dark stage for a blind guy like me. So if a versatile, portable, knob-ridden amp is what your after. I'd say to get it.

Okay so thar she blows! My 2 cents about this amp. And to anyone that read the whole thing, my condolences.