Hello everybody, I recently rescued a beat up 60s Eko Cobra that I'm planning on fixing up. One thing I noticed is that it has an unusual bridge compared to other Cobras I have seen. I'm sure the original was swapped out, but if anybody has a clue what this bridge is from, what purpose it serves (it doesn't appear to be missing any parts like a tremelo or something but I could be wrong)
Looks to me as there was a tremolo bar attached to the right side and that there was a black rectangular piece behind what you have now... The little hole in the center below sort of indicates something is missing....

This one looks more like what I have. Single pickup with the shorter pick guard. I suppose it's likely the original owner replaced the original bridge setup with whatever this is. That hole is also one of several in that area. This thing was definitely abused, looks like maybe a number of different bridges may have been stuck on this body.
FWIW, I don't think it's the Hofner. The base plate is different it looks like the one in the pics that Don posted but missing the cover, the spring, and then arm assembly.

For $24 I'd put the Hofner on it, it will be easier than finding an original!
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