This sounded pretty professional to me man, don't know what you're talking about being a beginner at mixing. There was maybe a few parts in the track where the keys could be a bit more balanced with the rest of the mix but all in all it's a well produced piece.

I liked the feel to this track, lot's of cool riffs and ideas. Reminded me a bit of Dream Theater at points (hopefully that's a compliment) The intro riff is pretty cool, the drums go well with it. The string section that follows is very thematic, I dig it. Nice chorus in there too has a cool vibe about it. The clean section around 3:12 is a nice break in the track then the chorus comes back in nicely. It's a well arranged piece man. Keep doing your thing.

If you're interested in some C4C here's my latest track: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1688979
Well,Dream Theater's been one of my favourite bands for years so thank you,Sir! Listened to your track,I like it. The intro has a nice groove. The way the leads are doubled with a synth(s) reminds of Dream Theater,a compliment,I hope. The atmosphere changes (from kinda happyish to menacing) make the track an interesting listen and the drums were well done and last but not least:the guitar and bass tone are great,they sound very full and powerful,what guitars,mic(s),amp/vst did you use?

All in all,a very nice track,sounds professionally made. Planning to listen more!
Thanks for listening man.

I use a Pod HD 500x plugged directly into my audio interface for the guitar tone.
I like most of the guitar riffs. The synths are fine. The mix is pretty good. I know from experience with having synth & guitar at the same time: it can get tricky to have both stand out at the same time. I have learned that the cleaner the guitar is (in general), the better it meshes with synth; but us guitar players typically like distortion on the guitar. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

It's quite amazing, I thought it sounded more "Heroic" than "Happy" but my only criticisms are that the bells at around 2:01 sorta feel slightly out of places, but nothing to disrupt the mood that much.

And that the shift with the drum fill from the interlude back to the main riff should have been a lil longer.

Other than that, I find it extremely artistic. \m/ rock on!
Thanks dude! If you've posted your original stuff/covers somewhere I'm more than happy to listen to them!