Just going to promote FocusRite for those looking for an audio interface

I just bought the 2i2 and all i had to do was plug it into my mac and it was automatically recognized.

I've had a Tascam US1-44 forever; which i realize is old, but i does the job.

Nothing worse than having to replace something that's not broken for $200 bones.

Tascam Driver support sucks IMO (at least for MAC). Even when my tascam was relatively new, it was never easy to get the thing to work.

With El Capitan upgrade the Tascam basically became a brick and there's no future support for getting a driver. So I had to go purchase a new audio interface.....

Anyway - if your looking and have a Mac, it's as easy a plug and play.
I used the 2i2 for my PC and I liked it. Physically, the thing felt sturdy and looked okay. Functionally, It worked no problem and the asio driver with it wasnt bad. Good latency. I didnt notice anything bad about sound quality. However, if I had a mac, i would have probably sprung for the apogee duet, just because its sharp and sort of the standard
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Apple turned your interface into a brick, they did the same with my FP10 (only supported up to OS 10.8).
The drivers are native on all the interfaces from what I've seen on Mac so not sure what is so super about that, it is built into the OS

Anyway...good to hear that you're up and running and back to making music. It is annoying to get a working piece of hardware turn into a brick thanks to manufacturer/OS update. At least my FP10 can work as a 8 channel preamp going forward so eventually I can just relegate it to a front end to an interface that has 1/4 inputs only when the time comes.