Im planing to buy a hollow or semi-hollow body electric guitar, so I started looking at some brands and their products but they did not had what I was looking for. Thus the thread:

I am looking for a:

ES memphis or G5422TDC Gretsch Electromatic body type (other body types are accepted as long as they are hollow or semi, rounded and double cut)
Bigsby tremolo
maple fingerboard
Fender-like 6 in line headstock
preferably red paint

Im still making my mind on which pickups but jazz oriented and trying to keep it versatile, so possibly two different pickups.

Thank you for taking the time to read/answer this.
Honestly, I doubt it. The trouble is maple fretboards (as part of the wider concept of interchangeable 1-piece maple necks) and 6-in-line headstocks were among Leo Fender's production innovations in the '50s; Leo wasn't a luthier (or even a guitarist, so it is claimed). Most semihollows and hollowbodies follow a more traditional construction style which means rosewood on mahogany necks and 3-a-side headstocks.

The closest I can think of is a Fender Starcaster, which looks like this.

Or the Coronado, which looks like this.

There is a compatible vibramate for the Starcaster, so you could put a Bigsby on there without drilling holes, but it'd cost you, and the Starcaster doesn't come in red. And obviously neither's a very traditional design.

If you're okay with the design, you could get a Warmoth body and neck, which are fully customisable, but I think you'd still have to be looking at a Vibramate for the Bigsby and with Warmoth you pay quite a lot for the privilege, as it were, and still need someone fairly competent to put the thing together. If you like the Starcaster body that's probably the only way to tick all your boxes without shelling out for a complete custom build.

If you can afford a custom build, then maybe you're in luck.
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I'm always amazed at how beautiful I find the Starcaster's looks and how hideous the Coronado is to me, for two guitars that were designed to fill the same gap in Fender's catalogue, they are really different.