been looking at the Alex Liefson Gibson R40 looks pretty nice Would love to have it anyone out there play on it yet? i think its a standard right not a custom? i believe it is part of the gibson custom shop, but it is a gibson custom shop standard les paul correct?
Nope. Very cool features (the axcess heel needs to be on way more guitars) but stupidly expensive.
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Nope. Very cool features (the axcess heel needs to be on way more guitars) but stupidly expensive.

yeah i think its too expensive too but would love to have it. think ill wait until price goes down. can't wait to play tom sawyer on it
Looks interesting. It looks to be a standard, but with the higher-grade top. I have an Axcess Custom, and it comes with the Custom stuff (multi-layer binding on body and headstock, single binding on the neck, larger headstock with the split diamond inlay, real MOP blocks, etc. ).

The standard Lifeson added the Graphtech-based LB63 Floyd with piezos. I have two of those, but on Variax JTV-89Fs. The R40 has the same. The Axcessessess have a thinner body, a tummy cut and, of course, the carved neck. My Custom is chambered, most of the standards are weight relieved, but the Lifeson is solid body.

My take on the Lifesons: I like the solid body (mine is a bit too light), I love the cutaway neck heel and the tummy cut, I like the thinner body. I don't think the piezos are worth the time (YMMV), just to get a slightly closer to acoustic sound. On the Variax guitars, of course, they feed the entire guitar modeling and alternate tuning firmware, so it's a whole different world.

If I had my druthers, I'd rather that the guitars were neck through and even heavier, but with the same carved neck heel and tummy cut. I have a guitar that fits that description, and the neck is thinner (depth), wider (about 1 3/4" nut), has jumbo frets and a 16" radius. For me that's heaven, and it's not a Gibson, but it was a custom order (though far less expensive than the Lifeson).

Before I'd order the Lifeson (because only you and two buddies will know what it is), I'd order up a Carvin SC624. 24 or 22 frets, your choice of frets (stainless, jumbo, whatever), choice of radii, solid body (but about the same thickness as the Lifeson) with MUCH better woods, much wider choice of finish, much better quality of finish, smooth neck heel (though not neck-through and not quite as carved as the Axcess), real Floyd FRO (no piezos, but I think that's available) and more.
The price is just laughable. I’d rather buy two or three better guitars from Kauer for $7,000. And as for the $10,700 model, I could buy a guitar from Gil Yaron and fly to LA to pick it up for that price. Rush fans is crazy.