Hey Guys

I've just got a new laptop, and I'm wanting to get a decent collection of software together, so I can record some songs. The physical equipment I have available right now is:

-My Guitars
-My Amplifier (Line 6 Amplifi)
-A budget microphone (about £20s worth)
-An Alesis IO2 interface
-My Laptop (PC, Windows 7)

I'm looking for some software which will provide me with:
-Multi-track recording
-A drum machine
-Midi input and mapping

I'd preferably like to get the best free software I can find, but I may be tempted to purchase a worthwhile system for the right price. Any suggestions, so I can get on the right foot?
Just look at the wikipedia article on digital audio workstations, download everything's trial version and decide what you prefer working with.
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Hey man,

If you're looking for something cheap or free, check out Reaper. They provide a demo version that is fully functional and lasts forever. It's good to pay for it eventually, but you never really have to.
Not sure about drum machines on Reaper but it's worth checking a few out... there's plenty out there if you want an electronic kit sound... but if you're looking for a proper kit, you'll probably want EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer or Slate Drums. I reckon they're the best in the market.

Good luck, and let us know how you go.
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Depending on the Line 6 amp that you have, you may want to go direct with your guitar and use amp sims. This is if you have the cheaper Solid State Spiders, amp sims would sound better than mic'ing your amp up in that case. Check the Amp Sims, Cab Sims and Impulse Responses sticky on this forum if that is the case.

I recommend Reaper as DAW.