I've always bought no name guitart leads...and they've always broken...not sure if it's them or me but anyway I am looking at guitar leads now and wouldn't have the foggiest about what I want...short and working preferably I play punk rock, rock and metal anyone want to throw some quality name at me?
Kinda depends on what's available in your country.

I generally like Klotz cables, their jacks/plugs seem well-made. They also have models with Neutriks, which are more expensive though.

Basically anything with original Neutriks is very likely to be good, as the plugs are too expensive on their own to pair them up with a bad cable. (No experience with the cheaper "Rean by Neutrik" stuff though).

I've also used cheap store-brand stuff (e.g. Harley Benton). With cheap cables, buy something where the plugs can be disassembled, so you can re-solder the connection when it breaks (and it likely will with cheap cables). The cable itself will also not stand up to abuse as well as the premium-stuff does. Not much of an issue for home use, imo, but I wouldn't want to rely on bargain-bin cables at a gig.

Sound-wise I don't notice any problems for the lengths I run (6m and less) between cheap and premium cables, but the difference in materials and build quality is striking.
I used to buy Dimarzio when they were about $10 less, still pretty good cable although the price has gone up:

Now I'd go for D'Addario:

although LiveWire hasn't let me down either:

I usually buy one higher end cable from guitar to the next connection point, i.e. what will be the longerst stage cable, then for the rest I get generic as long as it is good connector and solid cable shielding, like say the Livewire or Rapco which actually has even better/thicker shielding than the Livewire:

Right now I run Fatsoflex from guitar to my next connection, then generic Rapco or Livewire for the rest for the shorter runs. When I gigged a lot I used to get generic Mars Music cables. They were about the quality of the Rapco. These were store chain cables that were lifetime guaranteed and I kept my receipt and after I got to enough of them being damaged, run them back to the store and get replacement. Changed about 4 sets of cables this way, no questions asked. To be honest, the biggest problem on stage was damage from amp rigs crossing your cables or pinching them on metal platforms, etc. In other words, roadies do more damage than broken soldering joints
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