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On a scale from 1 to 10... how attractive do you consider yourself?
It seems like everybody has a different idea of what they think is beautiful. I feel like its a very abstract concept. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...What are some physical attributes that you find attractive in other people? What is your idea of beauty?
purely looks? a solid 4 maybe
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i need someone else to answer for me because i think i look pretty decent but i dont think girls feel the same way.

possible pic incoming later.
i have nice eyes

at least a handful of girls have been attracted to me at least partially in my life time
there are a lot of gaps in the data
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if you're a 5 I'm like a 3.5 tops

but since I know I'm at least a 5-6.....

also poll pls
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some study was done that said most people have an inability to identify themselves in a picture.

explained: a photo is submitted, and it is doctored to varying degrees of airbrushness and anti-airbrushness (or whatever) and when shown all the photos and asked to identify the original photo, most people weren't able to.

Most people thought they were better looking than they actually are, but I don't think the study was comprehensive enough to cover a wide spectrum of people (varying types of self-perception, self-worth, body image issues, lying to yourself, etc).

crazy stuff

people say i am attractive
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I'd rate myself a 1 out of 10. Just being honest...I feel pretty ugly. But if I had to go based off of the type of girls I attract. Maybe an 8. Sometimes I wonder what these girls see in me...
face without beard: 7/10

face with beard: 8/10

body aesthetics: 7/10
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(Don't even ask what it means)

I honestly have no idea at all.

I'm an absolutely terrible judge of a guy's attractiveness.

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I rarely feel like above a 5, but objectively speaking (based on what others say and my general life experiences) that's not true. When I do feel above average I feel AMAZING like 100000000000/10 but that is usually based on what I am wearing or how I did my makeup or hair that day, not what I actually look like.

I don't think I can do scales at all tbh. I either feel pretty or ugly and it's extreme on both ends.
Ifor I'm being generous, I'd say a 3.
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what if im sexy

and i dont know it
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Bitches be Crazy.

3 or 4 most likely, at the moment.
4 or 5 on a good day perhaps?

heres me w/ and w/o hair, i think that makes a difference
idk, i know im not all that great looking either way.

i smell nice though
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when i was exercising = maybe a 4
hurt myself, gained a bit of weight = probs a 3
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I'm realistically like a 6-6 1/2, but I am intelligent, have good interpersonal skills and am fairly confident in myself so I usually hit above my weight as far as girls go. I could do without the acne though.
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About a 5/10 for looks

About a 7/10 for personality
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I'd give myself a 2 or 3 right now, but on a really good day I can be a 6.

I used to think I'm monumentally attractive but then I sorta realized that most people are pretty lonely, and will fuck anyone they see as an equal and makes them feel wanted.
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Gonna say 5 but I'm pretty drunk, so maybe really only a 3.

You only get prettier when you're drunk
Probably a 4 or 5, could be a solid 7 if I put in a bit of effort. My wife says I'm handsome so idgaf.
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