i have a Vypyr VIP2 at home and im wondering if there any channel footswitch i can buy other than the Peavey Sanpera pedals ? where i live those Sanpera pedals are pretty overpriced (200$ Canadian for a Sanpera1 and 350+ for the Sanpera2) so im in search if something else is available somewhere.
Look in pawn shops.
That's where I got my Peavey Vypyr and the Sanpera 2 footpedal (2 months after I bought the amp, by then the price on the pedal had dropped).

Try that method.
No, the amp is not compatible with other, generic, footswitches, to answer your question. You get the Sanpera or you deal with no foot control. But, you shouldn't need the latest version (I'm pretty sure), so if you can find a used one, even an older model, it should work.
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