You remember my Colorado story. That band ended the spring of 82 I got into a road band and came home late October 82. I got into a local band just to make some money and started simultaneously practicing, behind their backs, with another band.

I would never do that now but I did then.

The other band, the good one, we hit the road the first week of January 83 and came down here to Florida. We ended up on Anna Maria Island, Holmes Beach. Shortly after arriving the band broke up. The drummer and lead singer were brothers and were dissatisfied. They were insane. The drummer told me" you're a good guitar player but youre a wimp" . The other guitar player in the band they just didn't like. There was no bass player because they kicked him out before we left to come down to Florida. I told you they were nuts. The reason they kicked him out is because he was a Mexican. He was doing his job just fine.

So I find myself in a strange land homeless and hungry. My license plates on my van were confiscated by the police so I could not drive it. I was an undesirable. A happy hippy seeking his fortune and not a paying tourist or an old person coming down there to die.

So I parked my van. At my friends apartment building . His name was Steve Smith. I think it was an alias. He did a solo act and let me live at his apartment for helping him out with it.
A memorable gig was when we played at a yaght,.. big expensive boat club. He gave me some LSD and a bunch of whiskey to drink at the club. I did just fine it didn't bother me a bit playing. I could not phuck the girl we came back home with though. I could not get a boner so I ate her out. You are not a man until you have eaten out a woman drunk on an acid trip after playing a gig.

So I started a new band and was hanging out at the place called" the players pub" on Holmes Beach in the city of Holmes Beach It was like a block away from the beach.

Steve Smith played there often and hung out there too, literally. At the end of the night he would take his pecker out and plop it down on top of the table for all to see.

The band I started was a Band-Aid band. It was just a crappy little band to make some bux.

Many times I saw Greg Allman driving around in his red Corvette. He owned a nice house on the beach. I met his soundman at the players pub his name was Murry I don't know if that was his first or last name but we called him Murray.

Steve Smith was a volunteer fire man and had access to the fire station building. We lent Greg Allman some of our equipment to practice with. It was right after the separation he had with Dickey Betts. I don't know if he was just storing our stuff in there or if Greg Allman was having band practice in there. When you are rich and famous like that you don't even have to buy stuff. People let you use their gear, it sounds absurd but it's true.
My bandmate had a crown power amplifier. It was a big one. Murrry used it to power the congos . It seems they had a separate power amplifier for every instrument in the band I don't know.
I was there at the first Greg Allman band gig, the first one ever. I was in the dressing room. I was less than one foot away from Greg Allman.

I saw the guitars on the stands in the dressing room.Murry told me to take them up to the stage. I grabbed them in their stands and walked through the shoulder to shoulder crowd carrying them up to the stage.

I returned to the room and Murry told me to stand outside the dressing room door and not let anybody in. So I stood in front of the door with my arms crossed and tried to look tough.

Then the band came out and Greg Allman walked by me. If I was Hannibal Lecter I could have bitten his nose off. I did not do that though. The warm-up band was absolutely spectacular and I thought this is going to be impossible to follow.
It wasn't.
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So the Greg Allman band got up on stage and were absolutely devastating. Mostly thanks to the guitar work of dangerous Dan Toler , but everything was good. Dan Toler was like the best of Dickey Betts on steroids doing coke. It was the most inspiring guitar playing I have ever seen.
Then in the month of May I got a call from a drummer I knew. His band needed a guitar player. So I said wire me $100 and I will come. He did and I went.

I got into my license plateless Van. The place where you buy license plates was about 10 miles away at least. If a cop stopped me that would be it. I made it to the license plate purchasing facility and bought some fine quality Florida tags.
I made it back to Illinois in two days. Then, every time I drove my van in the sleepy little northwest Illinois town I got stopped, for no reason other than I was driving crappy old van with out of state license plates and looked like an undesirable hippie.
That band was pretty good. The keyboard player had a B3, Rhodes and a clavinet . Good singer, drummer had good meter and was very powerful very very loud drummer but it sounded good.
The keyboard player was drunk all the time. So I got into an argument yelling match with him when I finally got fed up with it about half a year after joining the band. It was at this point I knew I needed to quit so I did and joined another band which had a even better singer and we also did some pretty cool music not just current rock.
The argument shouting match was like about February 1984 the band with a better singer ended November 84 when me and the better singer got a better offer in a better band yet at a big nice place with a cozy house gig. That lasted till April 1985. Then me and the better singer got into a band with the drunken idiot on keyboards and the drummer who was in that band who wired me $100.
That band lasted a hell of a long time years. It would've been a much better experience without the drunken idiot. But what can you do? I just suffered him. Not only that he went from using the B3 and other keyboards which really sounded good and filled out the band to using nothing but one stupid synthesizer plugged into the PA. Man that sounded like ship. 10 note power cords.
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yes, on the synthesizer. The worst was the tail end of the song walking on a thin line by huey Lewis and the news.

It was bad because when he used the b 3 and the electric piano it sounded great and not too loud. The synthesizer plugged right into the mixing board sounded like shit and was way too loud and it got louder as he got drunker . at least we had a good singer and a decent drummer and the best guitar player in town.
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