I know I have set myself up for failure....a middle aged deadhead who wants to play like Jerry

I'm actually progressing fairly well. I have a Taylor 110CE and for occasional use, I plug in my PRS Mccarty into the Fender blues Jr.

I'm pretty much self taught. I worked my way up from basic chords. Now I combine that with tabs that write myself using an iphone app (iLift) that lets me slow a song down to 66% speed and loop small sections until I get the tab right.

My next major challenges are:
-Improve my timing
-Improve the transition from a chord to a riff. Most GD songs have the verses in chords with a sweet little post verse tab riff.

Lots of people don't get the Grateful dead thing. I'm your regular everyday banker/dad/husband in my late 40s. But my music soul belongs to dead!

Cheers guys and looking forward to learning and sharing on the site

Mike B
Mississauga Canada