Hey guys,

This morning I was going to play guitar a little before work and after switching it off standby noticed immediately there was no sound. I looked inside and the tube in V1 was not lit up and "cloudy." Last night I had been playing around with various tubes in V1, coincidentally. Anyway, I went to pull out that tube this morning and the whole glass section just came out!

So now I've got all the internal components of the tube still plugged into the socket. I didn't have time to do anything with it before work, but I was just wondering if I need to check the amp for voltage before I go after it with pliers. Could I get shocked by touching the internal parts of this tube?

If so, I'll definitely pull the chassis out and check it over first. But I'd rather not, if it's not a risk.
It's very unlikely that there would be any voltage remaining at any of the preamp pins. If it were me I might just try to superglue the enclosure back on and remove the rest that way.
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And again, all of the above.
And maybe if there is somewhere on the broken tube you can grip with some needle nose pliers?

Otherwise (keeping in mind what Will said), yo might be able to push the pins out from the other side.
Depends on the tube socket.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I checked it with my multimeter first and it was cold. So I just grabbed the filament and got it out. The only downside is that none of my spares sound as good as this 5751...gotta order another one I guess.