Hey everyone. I have an amplifier and one of the resistors are broken. I looked up the color code and it says it's a 120 Mohm Resistor with 10% something because the silver end? I have been searching high and low far and wide and haven't been able to find one I can buy online anywhere. Any one able to help? It would be greatly appreciated and put me back ready to rock
I don't know the most about electronics (particularly in terms of tube amps) but thats a really high value, and I've done a quick search of farnell and a couple other online retailers and I can't find anything. Can you find a schematic for your amp? Resistor bands are notoriously hard to read (especially if you're colour blind like me).

Edit: the 10% is the tolerance, and that's a fairly standard value, smaller tolerances get more expensive.
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120 MEG resistor?
Double and triple check the bands.
That's an insanely high value.
Brown - Red - Violet - Silver would be 120 Megs

Sometimes green and blue can hard to distinguish.
Same with Brown and Red sometimes.

Go look here to be sure:

Or post a GOOD, CLEAR picture of it.

And whats the amp? Brand name and model.
Where is the resistor? (pics of the resistor and the amps circuitry PCB, etc. would be helpful.

I don't think I've ever even seen a 120 Meg resistor.
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Same. It's hard enough to get 10M resistors, I can't recall ever having seen a 120M one either.
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The color looks to be BROWN RED VIOLET SILVER. Its position R25 on a Trace Elliot GP12SMX. I will try to find the schematic
You sure that's the right value? I'm an entry level Electrical Engineer (so I'm not that smart) and I've never seen a resistor that high. I'm not even sure they exist on the common market.
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