Hey everyone, I am having a problem with an amplifier. When I plug it into a speaker I am getting horrible tone out of it. It sounds like there is mass bad compression on it or something, but there is no compression enabled. When I take a direct out of the amp and plug into a board I get OK Tone. The problem seems to be when it is trying to power a speaker.

I tried the same cable, bass and cab with a different head and it worked fine, so I know those elements are ok, it's something with the head. I shot a video to show whats going on:


Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance.
Is there a power section with tubes in? I see the little preamp towards the left but I don't see any power tubes. If there are, it could need replacing. Also, have you played with the head direct without connecting some sort of safe speaker load to it?
I am pretty sure there are no power tubes, just the one preamp tube. Yea, like I said I have taken a direct out with no power to a board and it didn't do the crappy tone. It seems that it has to do with powering the speaker.