I have lots of ideas on my sound cloud that could do with some ideas put towards them.

I will post this one here, this is the only metalcore idea on the page the rest are heavier to be honest


Go to https://soundcloud.com/seanthegreat for the rest!

Let me know if you like these ideas, remember these are all bedroom recordings though!
I love your ideas man! I'd love to try putting vocals down for you man! Hope to hear from you soon!!
Damn mate! None of my bandmates like metal so I could commit adultery over the internet . Only thing is that I can't sing like most metal guys do, and you've already got all the other instruments in there so I don't know what else I'd add in. My vox are like Matt Bellamy and Josh Homme more than like I dont know Metallica. But I think that would actually sound kinda cool over the heavy instrumentals.

Here's a sample of what I usually do. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1724656
Hello there.

Just been checking out some of the tracks on your page - very nice stuff! I'm preferring the heavier stuff. The end of "indian Sounding Heavy" made my chuckle a bit as well. That one had a whiff of the Nile about it (never a bad thing).

I would'nt dare offer any contribution - I have neither the skill nor the creativity to do anything other than ruin it. Just thought I'd show some support for your work. You have gained a follower.