This is an over night project I just completed. I had an SG-400 I wanted to shield and figured I'd have some fun. The original concept was to add a piezo transducer pickup to it for acoustic tones but I think the aluminum foil shielding caused problems so I made this into something I'd much rather in a SG. I never ever use aluminum but I found a roll on the side of the road walking somewhere made by 3M (like 150ft) and have seen guys use it before in their guitars so I figured I'd give it a go.

the pickups were just ones in my drawer , I bought the guitar to flip it honestly as epiphones are pretty easy to sell depending on the model as I'm not an Epiphone / Gibson fan this will be easy to let go. I bought it because it was dirt cheap and to actually try out this harness. My advice on this harness is simple ... use hot pickups for a higher contrast on all 3 effects.

master volume - A500K
tone - a classic tone knob - 0.047uf
fender greasebucket mod (bass cut , clarity knob ... google it)
torres mid scoop / boost
kept the selector and input jack as is

If I was to keep the guitar I'd drill the holes to 10mm for the tuners, much higher output pickups and those 4 push pulls and perhaps a roller tuneomatic or something and a graphtech tusq nut. All in all though it sounds pretty good and the harness is way more useful than what it was in my eyes.

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