Hey guys, Im 16 and Ive been seriously playing for 2 years, I know basic theory, (how to play in key, what chords go in what key and different ways to play them, things like that). I would consider myself to be a fairly good guitar player, I know a whole bunch of fairly complex songs that I learned by ear and I can play them without an issue, I wanna learn more theory but theres so much I dont know where to start, any help would be great, thanks.
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What genres and playing styles interest you?

Oops, sorry I completely forgot to put that in there, Im mainly interested in Proggessive music, things like Dream Theater, Periphery, Between the Buried and Me, things like that.
It is a broad issue to discuss, pretty much depending on where exactly you are now in your overall guitar playing and music skill, and where exactly you want to be. Have you memorized natural major/minor scale in at least 1 key? It is a start.
The best thing you can do is find a good guitar teacher. There's no substitute for having someone explain things in a logical order, demonstrate its application and who you ask questions.
I'd probably fish for a good teacher. Find one with the same music background as you. Also any tips for an old noob like me? I've had a guitar for over a decade and still can't get serious. Love Between the Buried and Me, but haven't even thought of playing anything by them as my mind can't process their stuff.

I don't know any theory at all. I taught myself how to play by looking up tabs by my favorite guitarists and getting an understanding that way.

One thing that I did a lot was (when trying to understand scales) to look at all the notes used in a riff or a few riffs and start from the lowest and play through the top. This would give me a general idea of what scale they were using. I wouldn't know the name but I knew how it worked and functioned, what sounded right and what didn't.

I would suggest doing this and then take a scale or arpegio you like and keep playing it but alter it slightly everytime. You can make some nice sounds with it. Take this song for example. The opening is different variations of the same arpegios but that small detail of variety really makes it stand out, especially at 0:43
Where to start with getting better?

You start with where you are. This is the question teachers are for. That's their role, imo. look at you, your strengths and weaknesses, and what you know and where you want to go, and guide you step by step.

A good knowledgeable teacher with experience knows what's what. A lot of the time on forums, you can wind up in a situation of the blind leading the blind. There's a lot of good information though, of course, but it's not always easy to tell which is which.
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