for Kemper and hd500x- Does anyone know which would be best for me - Studio monitors or frfr pa speaks? , price range is £280 pair speaker as I want two speakers , I normally play at home with a backing track or drum tracks , I don't have a studio and the most I have done is mess around with drum patches on my laptop to making my own drum tracks, so I mostly want it to play my guitar and for other people to listen and enjoy , I have been looking at a pair of pa EV ZLX12P Active not sure if its over kill but its in my price range or a pair of Tannoy Reveal 802 Studio Monitors . Any advise would be great fully welcomed , Would also be happy to know what other people are using but I am sure on I don't want to use it with a amp and cab setup .
Flip a coin.

I have a set of KRK Rokit 8's (about $250/speaker) that are quite similar in spec to the Tannoys you're looking at. I've put them up on 36" Ultimate Support MS90's (fancy 3' tall sticks). They're highly capable for my smallish den. These are designed to be optimal at about 8' distance and have very good bass response and balance in a small to medium size room ('nearfield').

The EVs are audio reinforcement speakers. You won't get more bass response (probably a bit less frequency range, in fact), but they're designed to project within a narrower beam and they should be significantly louder at their limits. They'll likely not be quite as flat in their response as the Tannoys.

I will often recommend a speaker cabinet similar to the EVs (Carvin PM-12A's) for budget (they're about $319 each).

For louder use, however, I actually use speaker cabinets originally designed for bass players that have a 15" Eminence Kappalite 3015LF driver, a 6.5" 18Sound mids driver and a 1" JBL tweeter with wave guide. They function as FRFR units, but without the deliberate "beaming" of the PA-type sound reinforcement speakers.
If you plan to play out in front of people I'd say PA powered speakers, if you're mostly bedroom musician, just a pair of monitor speaker would do. It could work better along with a studio setup, vst guitar effects and such that you can expand into later.