Hi there, everybody!

So, for a long time now, I've been looking for a wireless guitar system..
I've been doing some research on the topic, but it's hard to figure out what is actually the right model for me..
I've been looking at these models:

- Line 6 Relay G30 - 2,4GHz.
- Sony DWZ-B30GB - 2,4GHz.
- Fender FWG 2020 Band 9 - 600,100-630,500MHz
- Sennheiser XSw 72 Instrument Set E-Band - 821-832MHz and 863-865MHz.

I know absolutely nothing when it comes to frequencies... All I know is that some frequencies has become illegal.. But which?
I'm also confused when it comes to figuring out which system that will function the best, and how much it will interfere with other devices?

What can you guys tell me!
I have the line 6 relay g30. Ive never had any problems with interference and the sound quality doesnt seem to noticeably degrade from what I can tell. No issues with dropouts or anything like that. You do have to keep an eye on the battery level though because it can burn quickly. Its a great price point too, pretty cheap considering the usefulness.
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I got the line6 G50, since it seemed buch better built than the g30. Like Watterboy, i cant hear anny drops in sound quality, and i have never had any interferance or other problems with reception. It also has plenty of range for a normal sized stage. The metal housing seems solid and tough, way more than the one on the G30 (my friend has one of those, but he never complained about build quality as well). The batteries do burn pretty quickly tho, i usually get like 4 hours out of them, so i stopped using it at band practice.
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