Sooo, i was looking through the screaming thread but i coulnt find an answer for the life of me.

I've been screaming for about three years but never consistently, actually, i started screaming at the same time i found out that i could sing pretty well, now, the problem is this, i can do mids and highs, and can kinda do lows but I cant scream for more than a few minutes after i just simply cant and all that comes out is some weird sounds.
And the weird thing is this, it does not hurt, and the only thing i cant do is scream, i can sing , i can growl but i just cant scream, my vocal range does not get limited or anything, I can still go to my highest notes and the sound does not change, its just that i cant keep screaming, unless i wait a few mins and then i can start screaming again and repeat.


Im starting a metalcore band and its just stupid to have a vocalist who cant scream through a full show, never mind, not a show, a freaking song.

Well to start, as a trained metal vocalist I can safely say the Screaming/Growling thread is a massive heap of misinformation that if one follows closely they risk ruining their voice and ability to sing ever again.

My assumption is that you're doing false-cord/vestibular-fold screaming, which for sure is dangerous when done incorrectly. The likely reason you can't keep it going for a while is because your pressure is WAY too high.

My best advice would be to find a vocal coach, even one who can teach basic singing techniques. These are crucial to know even when screaming, it goes further than how people just say "use your diaphragm." Too much pressure over extended time WILL wear you out no matter what you're doing.

If you can't afford a coach, start with Zen of Screaming 1&2 and work around with online singing sites, although the downside is that they're merely videos and they can't stop you in real time when you're doing it wrong.

Lastly, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE shitty Youtube screaming tutorials by highschoolers. Even if they're good at it they suck miserably at explaining stuff.

Hope this helps.
Cherry, we would welcome your advice as a trained metal vocalist. We are doing our best over their to learn on our own as we have no true access to metal vocal training where we are locally. If you have time and are willing, any additional input you have would be welcome.

Also, what have you read that causes you to believe folks are ruining their voices? Again, don't sense any hostility, we are all trying to learn. Many of us on the forum have been screaming for many years without detriment, however, I admit that my method can cause degradation which forces me to take rests at times. I would highly appreciate help.

I found the Zen of Screaming one and two to be utter rubbish to be honest. No training except for solid warm ups and the rest was just people fawning over her. I may have missed something important however.

All the best!