Howdy team.

I'm looking into getting a Vox 30 Escort as my first proper amp, as for my previous amps I either eternally borrowed from my ex girlfriend or spent near £10 on. They stopped making them in the 1980's and Vox HQ seem pretty unresponsive so I was wondering if any Vox connoisseurs could tell me if either of these amps look genuine.


Seem a little cheap to me, having seen how much vintage AC30's go for.

It's a cheap, old, solid state Vox amp. It really isn't what I would call a first "proper" amp.
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The Escort 30 is a cheap solid state practice amp that doesn't have much resale value, regardless of when/where it was made and how few may have survived. This is one of those cases where being old and rare doesn't make it sought after or valuable.

They aren't bad practice amps, but they aren't very versatile. They have a nice enough clean tone, and a raspy fuzz, which is kinda cool to play around with but not all that usable. imo, there are better practice amps on the market now, for the same kind of money.
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