yo, i have to practice in my car a lot and thought it'd be more fun if i got some (battery powered? usb charged?) amp headphones

i see the vox amphone on amazon for £60 http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vox-Amphones-Active-Guitar-Headphones/dp/B009703MEA

i'm just wondering if there is a better / more recent / alternative product to that?

doing a google/forum search of course


edit: yeah it has to be self powered device, my car doesnt have a usb port etc. but it might be charged at home like a GPS can be

budget £100 max

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You can use Iphone/Android phones as an effect processor and headphone amp with handmade cable for £1-3. Or you could buy iRig cable from IK multimedia.
There is plenty Software for Effect processing such as Amplitube(for both Android and iOS), Garage band for iOS(Does not have much pedals but free). I used this two only. They sound like a normal effect processors I think but I don't have an effect processor so I don't know. I go with a poor man's collection)). Always free, always handmade from old electronic parts.)

Amplitube is from IK multimedia also so I think you will have it by buying iRig cable. Or you can use free version or find it on Google)) if you go with handmade.

You can connect guitar or headphone out from Phone to Aux in of your car audio system if it has (or connect to Amplifier inside if it don't have, but I think you don't want to go inside). I have amplifier from broken Car audio that I use as a Combo-Amp when travelling.

If you want to give a try for a handmade, I can help.
I also connected handmade clone of MXR amp pedal to my cable. I needed it for connecting to one particular software on PC that needed extra gain.

You only need 3 headphone jacks and a wire. (one 1/8 female, one 1/8 male 4pin and 1/4 female jacks). You can also find it home if you have old headphones and DVDs (many DVDs have 1/4 female jacks for mic in)
Lots of good choices, just depends on what you want to do and how far you want to go with it.
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