am i the only one who had no idea about this? seems fender realeased a whole line of new amps called the bass breaker. people are saying its sound almost like a marshal. anyone been able to play one?
The Bassbreaker is a modified Bassman circuit, and so were early Marshall designs. The Fender custom shop has been building these for decades, you can find clips of older versions of this amp on YouTube.
Yeah it looks like they're just doing a production run now. Looks cool, I'd be interested to see how they sound.
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It sure seemed like it had more gain than a Bassman or Plexi, but that's not a bad thing. It sounded good in the video and I love the concept.
They seem great but I can't help but think they're all missing something. The 15 seems like the most full-featured amp. It's the only one with reverb and an effects loop. I don't mind that the 7 doesn't have those features but why don't the bigger ones have it. They don't even have master volumes. The 45 has an output level that goes down to 1W. But that can still be loud considering it's a non-master volume amp. The 18/30 seems the most interesting to me personally but I would never buy it because it lacks a master and an effects loop. It also sucks that the 18/30 and 45 aren't 1x12 combos.