Hey guys!

First post and I'm bringing a cool sample to share that I've been using.

I bought a Mapex Black Panther this time last year, and finally got around to sampling it.

There are 4-5 samples from Hard, medium, soft to super soft and I have also added my own processed versions of the hard hitters for those who just want to quick mix/mash.

If you're going to use these, please link back to my website/facebook page and also credit me.


Let me know if you use it and post your results to my page and I'll share it!
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Just .wav's or is there at .tci for Slate Trigger? I'm admittedly pretty interested.
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Just .wav's or is there at .tci for Slate Trigger? I'm admittedly pretty interested.

Unfortunately just .wav's man.

I would not have a clue to make them into .tci
I'd be happy to although if there is a tutorial somewhere?
Thanks a lot man!
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Thanks a lot man!

No worries!
Please let me know how you go! Post a mix or something!