I'm so cold
because their water left me shakin to my bones
and I'll gladly take this fire
any day, any day
over this

and my heart
it falls into this glass and breaks apart
you know everything goes down much better
and turns out better
the second time

and my love
it's lost and its addressed to none
but I keep it somewhere you can find it
now don't that take guts

no friends
can push me away from the edge
can get this gun off of my head
I'm sorry I'm just looking for attention
please come back
cause I'm not much more
than this piece of paper to you
I'm not worth much more
than this piece of paper to you

be a man be a man no one wants
their lover to be an emotional wreck
like so long I've dealt alright
with A mask I'm constantly pullin (down)

down over my head
down over my body
down over this place
and I'm finally feeling sorry
(for what I've done)

in the throws of alcohol
I turn myself to love
I turn myself into the lord
and I turn myself into a clown

so I shut the door on my neck
trying to break my spine
and I'm not around
just so you'll be alright

but I'm not around for myself either
and I'm not around for my mother
and I'm not around for my brothers
and I'm not around for anyone at all

cascade me into my bed
cascade me further west

cascade me out of my head
cascade overflowing with your happiness

Cause if less is more
I'm a whole lot less
lord take my pride
lord take my breath

lord take my heart
lord take me vain
lord take my fear
and take my shame
from me

cause your child aches
and your child seeks
your promise hurts
and your action speaks

and you can't see
what's underneath
and you can't see
what you refuse to believe

in a heart
I have claimed
I will spend
all my days
cynical and sorrowful boasting