So I am thinking about making an extremely versatile strat. In thinking of making it an ss/s/ss pickup configuration (I consider lace sensor duallys as two single coils) with a switch to turn the neck pickups always on and a triple shot on the bridge and neck. It will also have an Eric Clapton circuit. But my question is what pickups to use. So far all I have is the red/silver in the bridge slot, any one else got suggestions for the other pickups, all lace sensors.
if those were all stacked pickups oh god.. so many options. Interestingly enough you can split humbuckers or stacked single coils for example either way for significantly different tones.

for any pickup in my experience to get all the splits and all that you'll appreciate with the triple shots my suggestion is the hotter the pickup the better even if you're not a hard rock or metal guy. The Kent Armstrong motherbucker set for example is insanely high output like in the 20k+ territory as it's technically two humbuckers stacked for the "m-bucker" and it has an 8 wire conductor. Not too pricy either. I kind of wanted the set, triple shots and 4 push pulls but that is for a youtube video in the future.
That Motherbucker idea has really got me, do you know any interestinformation wirings for just one in the bridge? I looked online and couldn't find any.
I think it would be interesting if you wired each of the single coils in the motherbucker to an on/off switch, certainly many combinations