I'd like it greatly if someone could figure the chords for The Girl in the Yellow Dress, from Gilmour's Rattle That Lock album.

I'm pretty terrible at figuring out chords on my own, so I appreciate any assistance, even if it's just a direction.
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Here's what I got, I have no idea if it's correct. This shit's hard, yo.
Am   G#m6 Am7
She mesmerizes with a smile
Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon
Am   G#m6 Am7                  F
That girl in the canary yellow dress
Says yes

Am  G#m6   Am7
She flips a pack of cigarettes
He doesn't smoke, but he takes one nonetheless
Am   G#m6 Am7                F                  E7
It helps to keep his motives true, the girl was blue
     F                                E7
What else is the poor boy supposed to do

For the chorus, I don't know what to call these chords, but you basically have a chromatic descent down the A string while the other notes remain the same

  Am             Am A     Dm            F# F

The third verse and chorus are shifted one half-step up
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