So there's a Craigslist ad looking for a lead guitarist and I was wondering how to prepare for this. I've just played with friends so I wasn't really looking to impress, but what are some things I can do to make me stand out from others.
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well, imo, just be you. If I was doing auditions, there is nothing I would be able to tell anyone that would improve their chances of me hiring them for my band.

I would look for someone that plays in the style I like, that is physically skilled enough, and that has the sort of intimate relationship with music that appeals to me. I would probe them, and get the information I want. So, if you came in with these blazing licks, I would ask you to play over something you've not had access to before, and get you to improvise over it, so I can see whether you were improvising that first part, or you just memorized this one thing you could do really fast.

Your question is a little bit like, "there's this girl on a dating website, what I can I do to impress?" anything you do will only be shallow, and you will at best trick them into thinking something you're not, which they will eventually discover, and that will be problems. There are all kinds of girls that will be looking for all kinds of things in different guys also, so there's no "correct" answer.

Just be yourself. What you want, is to find the right counterpart for you, and for whom you are the right counter part. You don't want success through deception, because that is short lived success. It won't be fun for you, and it won't be fun for them.

So just bring what you're good at, and what you like, and either you are what they are looking for, or you're not. Also, show your skill sets. Are you good at improvising? Are you a quick player? Do you write cool riffs? Just show them you. That's my advice. It's not a guarantee to get into the band, but if the you that you show them is not good enough for them, and it is a band you still think you'd like to be a part of, then ask them what you need to work on, and then go and work on that. Display yourself honestly, as you are, and try to be as you wish to be perceived. That's a philosophy I like to follow. No deception, but try and genuinely be what you wish to be, and let who you are speak for itself. So, there are no tricks or shortcuts you can take, with that philosophy, and the answer for something like this really becomes; just be the best the best guitarist you can be, and then show them the guitarist you are. Then you either get it or you don't. But if you don't, try and learn from that, so that you can improve your weaknesses for next time.
I wasn't necessarily talking about changing the way I act and everything; however this was very useful! Thank you
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I've been doing the same thing lately, trying to get a cover band situation going; so far I've met with a full band and will be meeting up with a drummer. I found it really helpful to get a setlist from them beforehand, along with what keys they're playing the songs in, it definitely took the pressure off.
Yes, ask for their set list or an audition list with keys and know the material well. Also ask to see some vids of the band or listen to recorded tracks. Are these players up your alley? Will you bring something complimentary to the table? Gauge the band's attitude and goals. Are they realistic and similar to your own?

I have been on both sides of the audition scene many times and I always ask myself if I really want to be in a musical relationship with them. Can we work together well and depend on each other both on stage and off? This often becomes more important than raw player skill.
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All good advice already posted. I especially agree with Cajundaddy that you should ask for just a few songs that they are already playing and what key they do them in so you will be prepared to some extent. As a player I would appreciate you asking so there is something planned ahead of time. Remember you are auditioning them as much as they are auditioning you. Just try to fit in and play with the band and not try to overwhelm them by playing things you are good at if it doesn't fit the song. Relax and just do what you do. If it gels you'll all be happy. Good luck.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
The songs were provided; however, I think I was too late. I've texted the guy twice and no reply. This was still very helpful
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Quote by PiercedBand
So there's a Craigslist ad looking for a lead guitarist and I was wondering how to prepare for this. I've just played with friends so I wasn't really looking to impress, but what are some things I can do to make me stand out from others.

Coming prepared with a good attitude is the best advise I can think of.

To come prepared, I would try to contact this person to find out what songs they want to play. This will give you a chance to practice.

I find it best at an audition to not ask too many questions about song structure unless it is before a song starts. For example, asking, "Do you want me to solo for 8 bars like the recording of this song or did you have something else in mind?" before starting is infinitely better than getting to the solo, stopping and asking the same question. Hope that made sense.

Make sure your equipment works (no broken strings, batteries changed, etc).

An audition is also looking for a good fit for you. You are trying to assess if this is a project you want to dedicate time to. Think about what is important to you. (do you want to contribute to songwriting, are you open to criticism of your tone, etc).

Best of luck!
Yep I'm with everyone above who said "learn the songs before the audition".

Kinda obvious, but some people think they can get away without doing it (they can't).
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.