Ok, I've had a few years now with various programs and what not trying out both demos of pay for programs/sims and free amp sims and fx. TH2 is something I've had a demo of for a bit but never really played with until recently again...

In recently hearing Overloud's TH2 and fiddling around with it's demo again, I've heard something in it for myself that I don't get with other programs and amp sims. While many free plugins from the likes of LePou sound down right awesome, they are just plain jane... meaning they lack the post processing that comes pre-setup in other programs... like TH2, or NI's various programs (guitar rig etc)...

When all are stripped to nothing but amp and cab... it seems that TH2 actually still sounding better and better the more I play with it. I'm curious though. Is this just my ears picking up on a new sound, or does TH2 actually pick up on 2nd order harmonics and/or whatever better than some of these other programs/sims?

I personally think both their clean tones and their heavy tones just seem to chime and drive more realistically than NI's guitar rig or a lot of LePou's stuff... But then... I don't know if it's just my ears or something actually there?

In the end though, I do love lepou's stuff, those sims are some of the best I've ever heard up until now. Besting Guitar Rig, the older 2nd gen Line 6 stuff (when they first started coming out with the HD rigs and setups), and what not...

I do have a focusrite 2i4 so I'm getting a darned good input into the system, it's the output I've worried over for some time now... and now that I have the money to buy into these programs and sims, I'm just over taxed with this all and would love your input if anyone has something to add here? Is there better than even this potentially? ((Yes, I know, this is almost entirely driven from personal preferences... except for my core question which seems to be is this program doing things more realistically in tone than others are or can?))


Looking to buy TH2 or similar, if better than Guitar Rig, Line 6's newest stuff, etc. Any better than TH2? (personal pref. is assumed)
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Did you try Peavey Revalver?

I dunno, they all have a few things that I like but none seem to be the all around solution for me. Right now I run amp sims up to the amp in Amplitube and disable speaker sims and load my own in Studio One's Ampire by disabling its front end and just using the speaker convolution options.
I like it, but it's a bit fizzy, but I love how it brings out the 2nd order harmonics better than things I've had in the past... so it seems it's down to TH2, Revalver, and Guitar Rig... of the nixing revalver because of it's fizziness... leaves th2 and guitar rig for the payed for one if I went that rout... and of the two I've had more time with GR's sounds and ... yea I'm kinda disappointed in the kinda dulled experience I've gotten out of it personally... though I've seen where people could "mix" a cool thing up.

so yea seems I'll be looking into TH2 then... lol. Now just to get the money set aside.

I've spent the last day going back through all my programs, sims, n such trying to match what TH2 does out of the box... yea... only LePou's stuff seems to come up to that standard for me... though I need to spend some more time it seems. Thanks for the suggestion of revalver though... perhaps I can find something not so fizzy in it after a few days ....

Time will tell... and again thanks for the help so far . I'm one of those musician types that fiddles for the perfect tone lol, dispite the fact that it's what you do with it that's more important lol.
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me