So just as me and my bassist found a drummer, the bassist gave up saying its too hard for him to play in two bands so now I'm pretty depressed because I thought things were gonna turn up right. The drummer is still here but i don't know what to do to find another bassist that plays good and will be willing to sing, because i was supposed to share vocal parts with the one that left. if nothing how can i advertise myself that im searching for a band to fill in a roll of a guitar player/singer?
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I'm normally the bassist, but I started a new band am having trouble finding one for myself. Solution? I'm teaching my friend how to play bass. It's a lot of work and there are many parts he can't play, but at least he never complains that anything's too hard.

"Too hard" was the excuse of my last band. Yes, parts can be too hard, but it's usually, "I don't want to do this," opposed to, "I can't do this."

You could always try the internet. I have had OK success with craigs-list, but it's pretty hard to find the right person (and not a creeper). My brother put up a sign in the local practice-studio and got a few responses. He's also looking for a bassist (I'd join his band but I don't want to play death metal. It's not too hard though )
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You are going to have to learn to sing and play at the same time or if you can accept that you might have to do that to get things going.