What string gauges seem to be the best for drop b#? And I wonder what gauge of strings have any of you guys used in the aforementioned tuning that still feel like a guitar in standard tuning
Drop B# would be drop C?

Personally I tend to use 10 to 52 string sets for drop C. The lighter top strings allow me to play leads with a lot of bending, yet still giving the punch I look for in the low end.
Um. I heard D'Addario is releasing a dedicated set for drop B# on February 30th.

But if we're talking drop B or drop C, something like a 12-56 set should do. If I recall correctly, Periphery do an 11-52 set with a 56 for drop C.

I can't recommend this thingy enough for string tension dilemmas: http://www.stringtensionpro.com Even if you don't use D'addario, the numbers should be all almost identical regardless of brand.
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