Hi guys,
I'm new here, I need to buy a Bass guitar and I saw an online sale, 2nd hand bass guitars, It's fender P bass, it's lik 250 to 300 dollars,

The reason I want P Bass fender because of New Found Glory Bassist Ian Grushka and Mark Hoppus of Blink 182

How can I tell or can you help me tell if it's legit or not, I don't know how to check this

I don't know how to post photos here so your help will be greatly appreciated..





My friend told me that it's not legit , it was made from China, but I want to seek the your assistance on this matter since you are all have different views and opinions

It looks legit, but without a clear picture of the headstock I can't tell.

If it is a real MIM Fender then it will have a serial number beginning with M
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It says crafted in japan, not china. I can't read that S/N. Definitely doesn't start with M, though.
I can't imagine it's a Japanese fender fro $250. If it is, then damn! Can you see it in person before you buy it?
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This one was made from mexico


And this one from Japan

I have 2 different sellers, However there's one issue with Fender crafted in Japan, the pickups was replaced and there's a hairline scratch on the back of the body.

On the Mexican Bass I can provide pictures, but I don't know if it's the actual pictures, If I can meet up the seller I can take a photo but If his going to meet me, he demands that I need to buy his bass guitar because of the hassle I've caused.
The other Japan Fender Bass serial number is O 001402, the seller just text me
If I will meet up with him before buying it, I can provide pictures, although here in the Philippines, If your selling an item online and do meetups, it means that buyer is willing to buy the item.
That CIJ serial number looks sketchy to me. I've seen it in older guitars, but that bass is nowhere near old enough for the waterslide decal to have changed tint. Slightly raised sometimes, but not tinted. If it sat in the sunlight it could happen, but would likely affect the "Crafted In Japan" waterslide as well. Fender dates that serial number to 1997-2000. I have several basses and guitars older than that and none have changed tint like that. I ran a "crafted in japan fender precision serial number" search and could not find one picture with the serial in a tinted rectangle. And those pickups look hideous on that bass. The serial number and pickups would each be enough by themselves for me to keep looking. I'd pass.

Squier's early models were on point, and their newer models a garnering much praise. Everything in between is kind of hit and miss, a little more miss than hit. If it played and sounded good, it would probably be nowhere near that clean. I feel like a hypocrite for saying that because I have a mint '01 MIM P, but I'm the exception. I pamper my bassses. I'd pass.

Everything I've heard about the MIM Ps that came with Strat knobs says the pickups are severely lacking. I'd pass.

I'd pass on all of these. It's because after playing for 30 years, I am very particular. Keep looking and no matter what, don't settle for "good enough". "Good enough" usually never ends up being good enough.

Good luck with the search!
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