Hi guys,

(sorry in advance for a possible noob-ish question - just getting back into playing guitar after some years and my knowledge wasn't all that vast when i used to play lol)

I wanted to get your opinion on what are the best guitar strings, for playing rock and metal in E standard tuning? Now I understand that its all down to personal preference, genres of music and what you want out of them, but at the moment I only have one electric guitar to work with until I purchase another, so I'm looking for something thats a good compromise between rock and metal.

I didn't used to mind thick-ass strings as I was just playing rhythm and could live with the fact my skills were limited. But now I'm beginning to explore more lead and complex stuff, I'm guessing they might not be ideal. On the other hand, I love the bass-y tones that the thicker gauges gave on the lower strings. So i guess what I want is comfort and good tone.

Can anyone help?

(also if its any help, I've got a BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X with a Floyd rose)
Far too many variables.

I happen to run mostly 9's and 10's (standard gauges, without the "heavy bottoms") on most of my standard-tuned guitars. I also run cheap strings (usually something like GHS Boomers) on the guitars I play the most, and I change them often. I prefer new strings over old, even if they're not rusty, black and full of corrosion stactites). I use Elixirs on the guitars that will be stored for long periods of time, and if I'm playing somewhere, I'll treat the gigging guitars to a decent set of five buck strings (Dean Markley Blue Steel, mostly).

I handle the "bass-y tones" via the amp. Mostly, I prefer balance rather than a lot of bottom if I'm playing with someone else. Again, personal preference only.
E-Standard Metal eh? Not sure mate...I was hoping that when you were talking about strings for metal you were talking drop-tune, because in that case, I have heard a lot of good things about Cleartone Heavy strings, and Ddarrio 11-56 Strings...

There is a guy on YouTube though named Rob Scallon, who does a lot of metal stuff, but uses normal Cleartone 9's on all of his guitars. (That's also because Cleartone gives and ships the strings to him for free, but they are still good strings). And though I am no expert on guitar gear/guitar stuff etc. (trust me on that one lol) I do know that 9's are meant for E-Standard. And the great thing about Cleartone, is that they don't ware down as fast. So I would recommend doing a little research on 9 Gauge Strings for Metal when you get the chance.
extreme death metal is my thing so for me it's DR tite-fits .009~042 for my 25.5 scale guitars tuned dgcfad. i like the round core dr's -they really seem to work for me. they seem to feel like there is more metal in the string and are very easy to bend. imo they bend just as easy as super slinky's without the cheap, beer-can feel that slinky's have. tite fit's .010~.046 for my 24.75" scale guitars tuned dgcfad. tite fit's again for my seven's .010~.052 and my eight string (.010~.074) guitar as well.

in reality there is no best of anything, it's just what is best for you so in fact the answers you get are going to be all over the place. pretty much any string is going to get it done so it's all about what you do with them.
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i use .11's on standard tuned guitars for everything in E std, and .12's for C#std.

you have to see what you like. fortunately strings are cheap, just buy some different strings and see what works best for you.
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You don't need any thicker than 10's to play in E standard, especially if you plan on playing metal leads. The benefits of playing with larger strings are marginal and, depending on the guitar and the fret size, it may actually be detrimental. For example, my Ernie Ball Silhouette Special has small frets and 11's don't sit well at all. On my Strat 11's are fine, it has huge frets and handles the tension better. I would recommend sticking with 10's while you learn lead and then try 11's once you get decent. String bending and legato will be much more of a challenge with 11's.

You can't go wrong with standard D'Adarrio strings.