You're there whoring

Ignoring every sign

That I'm tryin'

To give

I say screw it

Life is too short so do it

Never have I ever wanted

Your shit

People wanna’ try

To get me wrong

No matter how much I try

To get along

Still sounds sour to me

I've got my life

So why they wanna’

Try it for

I'm there whoring

Ignoring every sense

Got my two cents

I can give

Why I'm trying

Said don't even bother

I'm a brother and a lover

Not a sucker so shut the...

People wanna’ try

To get me wrong

I don’t want to buy

Or get along

So the fact is back off

Jack-off wit’ them

Tactics can’t

Hack this
Quote by laid-to-waste
look nigga, if you're chillin with 5 bros and 2 hos, you're gonna wanna pay attention to all of em equally. not moon over the hos forever and laugh at every shitty thing they say and just stare at them all night, like some of my mates do.