I have a tribute plus with 57 pick ups. I am still learning guitar and love all kinds of music but am fond of G&R, Motley Crue and that era. Anyway, they gibson studio 2015 just dropped to 950. I payed 750 for the tribute, is it worth the 200 more to exchange for the studio? Everything I see on youtube and the internet says they sound almost the same.
I'd stick with the Epi. The Studio is more expensive largely because of the American labor costs, the actual components and attention to detail suffer so that they can put the Gibson logo on it. It's not a bad guitar per se, it's just not necessarily a better one than the Epi because it's got a higher price tag and the more prestigious badge.
agree keep the Epi. it has all the features except a nitro finish which isn't really a big deal.
I have both. My studio has 490 pickups. These sound different to the 57s. The 490s have a chunky sound when overdriven. the 57s have a fatter rounder sound. From what I can work out Gibson keeps changing the pups they put in the studio. One year its 490s, next burstbuckers, next 57s etc.
So its personal preference really.