So I received my Epiphone Dot tonight. According to the serial # it was made at the Saein Plant in Korea in July 1999. It's got the Gibson truss rod cover. Could this be one of the better ones (made in Korea towards the end of the production run so well made - though materials quality might not have been top notch - compared to some of the first runs coming from China)?

Anyway... I gave it a good cleaning and restrung it. About to plug it in. Tomorrow or the next day I should be getting the Epi ES-335 Pro Lt. Ed. I guess it'll be fun comparing the two...

looks like a nice one for sure. congrats!

no idea about mik vs mic with epi's. parwau (i always spell his name wrong) would know everything epiphone so he'll chime in.

if it plays nice and sounds good, enjoy it for a long time!
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Could this be one of the better ones…?

You’ll have to play it and tell us. It is pretty, if nothing else.
It's going to take a good couple of hours to set it up right... Right now it's a bit of a mess. The neck will take some getting used to after playing Ibanezes, Jackson Dinkies and the likes. By comparison the Pro ES335 seems to have a thinner neck...
Interestingly the truss rod was, well, loose. At first I feared it was broken and I had a panic attack, but it turns out it seems OK, I tightened it a little bit and it started to resist. However, that means I don't have very much neck relief, or at least not as much as I'd like, like a little under 1/64th. From what I've read it's not uncommon...

So 1) I didn't tighten it much, just enough to be sure it wouldn't rattle, and 2) I raised the action a little, between 1.5 and 2.0 mm on the low E side to make sure there is not buzz on the low E string. High E string is fine. Setup the intonation, overall it's not bad now. I do feel like the pickups are a little bit lifeless though... I probably need to toy with the amp settings to fix that.
also check the pole heights on the pups as well as the pup height themselves. sometimes a tweak there can make a good difference. good luck.
Congrats looks like the only thing missing is a Bigsby , HNGD
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Nice..Epi Dots are fun!
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Picked up the ES-335 Pro today. Haven't plugged it in yet, but even unplugged it sounds really nice and sustains forever. Definitely a step up from the Dot. It just feels and looks like a more expensive guitar. The setup was very good straight out of the box, and it's made extremely well IMO, at least from what I can tell. The fretboard is rosewood but it almost looks like ebony. Tuners are very smooth and accurate... I'm so glad I finally got it...
Well spoke too fast, the A string tends to buzz. It looks like the neck could use a tad more relief. Other than that? Total love! The pickups sound really good, especially with a little bit of crunch, and having the coil splitting adds a lot too. Loooooove...