ALESIS SR18 (or another drum machine with bass to play guitar over)

Hi, first of all I don't know if this is the good forum to post this. If not, please tell me which.

Ok, go to the question, I'm planning to buy some drum machine with also bass sounds to play guitar over. To sound like a band but alone. I Take a look to the Alesis SR18, it have very good reviews abroad but the lack of editor of patterns in a computer program or the lack to store/export patterns and song and retrieve it or the lack to import midi song.

Anyone owns a Alesis SR18? recommends it? It's still practical and easy of use and program despite the lack of software to edit it computer? I know that exist some programs (some free or open source) that do the work of a drum machine but I prefer the flexibility of a dedicated portable device that can be used outside home with minimal equipment.

If Alesis SR18 is a bad option anyone recommends me another drum machine? my budged is between 200-300$

Thanks and regards!
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