hi, guys
would you guys know, is the strymon timeline pedal a hand built pedal????
thanks for your time,

all the best, bluesfloyd.
If they were, they would probably mention it in their blurb about them, so I'm guessing they probably aren't. They are made in America though. It really depends on what your definition of "hand built" is. They're probably assembled by hand.
i don't understand why it matters.

they are a quality piece though. that is what i would be more concerned about.
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I don't think it is a hand built pedal. The build quality on Strymon pedals is very good thou. I have their Brigadier and its built like a tank.
Might be hand assembled, but I doubt they are completely handbuilt. That's irrelevant. They are among the best delays of that type of delay. The only other delay comparable is the DD500 or Eventide Timefactor.
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Strymon pedals are some of the best out there, regardless of being handmade or not. I had a Flint tremolo and reverb that I had to give up in a trade. Wish I still had it. Sounded as good if not better than the onboard trem or reverb of any amp I've had. I imagine the Timeline is right up there too.
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hi guys,
I started this thread asking about the strymon timeline pedal being hand built, some good feedback from you guys so far, what's really on my mind is that I have narrowed my delay pedal search down to, eventide timefactor or strymon timeline , mainly for the large banking and storing preset options,
so the new question from me to you guys, timefactor or timeline ???? is timefactor built better then timeline???? please can you guys help me choose, I know there is a eventide H9 but I think that's more a multi fx unit yes/no ???? just looking for a delay pedal at the moment,

all the best, bluesfloyd.