Two brothers
In a van.
And then a meteor hit
And they ran as fast as they could.
From giant cat-monsters..
And then a giant tornado came.
And that's when things got KNOCKED INTO 12TH GEAR

A Mexican armada shows up
With weapons made from t-tomatoes
And you better bet yer bottom dollar
that these two brothers know how to handle business


Hold on! There's more.
Old women are comin'!
And they're also in the movie
and they're gonna come...
and cross...attack...these two brothers

But let's get back to the brothers because they're- they have a strong bond
You don't wanna know about it here, but I'll tell you one thing....
The moon. It comes crashing into Earth! And whaddya do then?

It's two brothers
and I- and...and they're gonna...it's called 'Two Brothers'
Its just called Two Brothers
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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
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who pays five hundred fucking dollars for a burger
I knew exactly what this thread was going to be about and let me tell you that I AM THE EYEHOLE...MAN. I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO'S ALLOWED TO HAVE EYEHOLES. GET ON UP OUTTA HERE WITH MY EYEHOLES!
I love Rick and morty
Eat your pheasant
Drink your wine
Your days are numbered, bourgeois swine!
I just watched this episode again and I think Gazorpazorpfield is definitely my favorite.

"Boy, fuck you John, you fucking dumb, stupid idiot!"

I don't give a fuck. I'm fucking Gazorpazorp-fucking-fieeeeld, bitch! Now give me fucking enchiladas"