I've been playing for about two months now and ive actually started to be able to play things i enjoy, rather than generic riffs im not fond of. im running an ESP LTD Viper 10 into a Laney LX65R and while i do love the guitar, it just doesn't feel right for me tonewise. as you can probably guess from the username, im a fan of arctic monkeys, the strokes along with peace, circa waves and others similar to these. im aware an ESP isnt exactly ideal for these but does anyone have any suggestions on achieving this kind of tone? pedals, pickups, any suggestions are appreciated.
at two months in you should be more concerned with learning to play. tone wise just take the time to play with your amps controls ans see what happens. as your ear gets better and your playing then start worrying about the tone more. keep in mind that any band you like will have far better gear so duplicating the sound can be tough. find out hwat they use gear wise that will be a good road map.