I finally finished my first real song and released it - yeah!
As I like to give some exposition when posting I'll keep it that way. I began playing guitar in 2005 and instantly played in constantly changing bands(metal to industrial to britpoprock). In late 2007 I founded a medival/folkrock band with my now-fiancée who encouraged me to sing. This band existed for about 2 1/2 years with changing members. While trying to adjust the style a little bit we couldn't find members (esp. drummers) and then decided to end this.

In early 2012 my hobby 'music' was challenged by photography. For about a year I even thought about selling all the guitars and keep only one...well I am extremely glad I didn't do that. Instead of trying to form another band or joining one I decided to go for the do everything yourself homerecording thing. And writing songs has always been the most fun part of making music for me. So...after trying and working and trying again, releasing two unexpected (Anti-)Christmas songs in 2013 and 2014 I finally can bring you this:
DrScythe - Spotlight

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My main focus to work on now is the sound/mix. I'm not into this ultra-clean modern sounding stuff (Djent anyone?...) nor into low-fi or pseudo-vintage-warmth but I try to keep every instrument audible at a certain level (obviously there are fore- and backgroundsounds) while keeping the most natural sound of the single tracks.
The next song is almost done (recorded and partially mixed) and I am pretty confident of continuing being a band by myself for a while.
Thanks for your time
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You have a good voice, you should develop it more. Definitely your strength.
I've got several series on my channel but I normally would only post the major songs here. But due to the recent developments in the world I wanted to share this month's "Doctor's Vaccine" too
So there's a very sad Christmas song telling the true story from a tree's perspective.
Dear guitarists of ultimate-guitar, here it is song no. 22! Lyrics by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. On a side note: used new IRs by valhallir.at - they're absolutely amazing (so amazing that I wrote that so REALLY amazing...go check 'em out!)