Heya guys,

I play in a punk band and want an amp upgrade. I was looking at the Orange terror bass amps and heads as well as the Ampeg Portaflex.

I have seen alot of negative feedback about the Ampeg gear but the orange gear always seems to get good reviews.

I also havent seen many people using Orange bass amps in punk bands.

Are they any good for punk style bass. Im talking bass sounds like NOFX, Rancid and Bouncing souls. That kinda twangy sound played with a pick.
I'm not a bassist, but I prefer the sound of the Orange over the Portaflex. Now if your talking something like an SVT-3 then the Ampeg
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I personally dont like the sound of Orange amps, but that's my own opinion.
I think you should go to a few of your local music stores and play them.

I always liked Ampeg, but their gear is quite expensive.
yeah most music stores (aside from maybe guitar center) should have both of those options readily available since they're budget heads.

i prefer the portaflex, personally. it's pretty neutral, but i play expensive basses that have overpriced wood and fancy preamps so i want an amp that sounds like what i'm playing it through, so it depends on what you're hooking in and what kind of sound you're going for.
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Punk bands tend to be obnoxiously loud, so you might be asking a lot from a Portaflex. I'd go with the Orange if I were to choose between the two. But I'd look for something with more firepower for that genre. With Punk, it is about power rather than tone, so your options are indeed plentiful.
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The Portaflex does 350w, 500w and 800w so I think he'll be reet.

That said, go with the Terror anyway. It'll be pure punk tone straight out of the box and probably the only tube amp I'd recommend for bass.
i don't care for orange amps in most cases, and i love the PF500 and PF800, but for punk orange might be just the ticket.
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i just run a distortion pedal (i have a TCE dark matter). i prefer the options

TS might just want a plug-n-play approach though, so it really just depends if you want to have more control over the sound or if you just want something that sounds nice in the box already but is harder to adapt to other sounds
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I suppose it comes down to American vs British, huh? Might be a coin tosser. I've played the Orange and really liked it, but I can't speak for the Portaflex.
For punk, I'd go for the Orange now. Back in the day (1970s) the SVT was the go to amp for punk bass players. I was in a few punk bands back in the day and Ampeg was really de rigueur for most punk bands. However, today, I think the Orange will prove more useful in a punk group.