So, I am looking to find some new music to enjoy and I want your input!
The genre of music is not important. I want to know what your favourite band/album is, right now.

Yesterday, I somehow stumbled across The Internet - Ego Death, which completely blew me away considering their connection with Odd Future.

Anyways... share!
I like technical death metal, a band called ORIGIN has some stuff i liked recently.I'm not just into that kind of metal so other stuff i've liked was the new Joe Satriani album.Last time i remember liking anything new in rock was the Hellacopters and White Stripes but they're pretty much classic rock, exept hey! Buckethead! I love his stuff.
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Thank you, it's been awesome so far!
The album art alone is amazing! Going by their name, I thought this band was going to sound like Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

No problem hit me up any time if you're in the need for new music

ps. if you like meatbodies try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twylUtWKdt4
Rowland S. Howard. Whatever punk blues is, I'm pretty sure this is how it's meant to sound.

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Hm, for a while I've been in a plumtree phase. Though just one album, predicts the future. Easily their best imo.

Before that it was Kate Bush. (The Kick Inside)

Yay female musicians, it took me a while to find some that I actively enjoyed listening to.
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I've been jamming this shit for years, Only just recently have I managed to tab out a few songs, Thinking about uploading the tabs but I want to get them as close as possible before I do.

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Cardiacs. I've been on a bit of a kick from them for the past few months now - they are a mixture of prog rock and British punk. 

[url="(Invalid video video code)] - Here's one of my favourite songs by them.

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