OK I am such a beginner. Just a disclaimer first, I read the stickies, I searched as best I could so if I'm posting in the wrong place or I am being redundant my apologies.

So I have a little home studio set-up, not so much for recording but more to help me learn. I use it to watch training videos, play along with or sometimes record myself and then see how I'm doing.

My issue is I don't seem to have enough volume, sometimes when I play my acoustic I can't really hear the backing tracks from my computer very well over my playing. So I am looking for the cheapest way to increase my volume.

Here is my set-up.

Computer: Mac 2.7ghx 8mb ram
Audio Interface: M-Audio M-Track
Monitors: Alesis M1Active 320USB
DAW: Garage Band (when I use one)

My guess is I need to upgrade my studio monitors but I thought maybe some kind of booster or pre-amp might be cheaper. I am not looking for recording or performance quality sound it is strictly for home practice.

If the monitors are connected to your computer via USB then connect them to the audio interface.
If they're connected to the audio interface try the opposite.

If none of these work, you need a new pair of monitors.
If you want cheap a pair of JBL LSR305 will do just fine.
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Alesis M1 should be plenty loud so recheck your connections and make sure they are selected in the sound output for your Mac. When in doubt, RTFM
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Alesis M1Active 320USB at 20 watts stereo RMS that's where your low volume problem is

I have a pair of Yamaha HS5 which is 45 watts with a 5' speakers and yeah if i was on acoustic and singing loud I would need more volume for sure.

I got a pair of cheap ikey Speakers at 1/3 the price of the Yamaha's and was amazing how good there were, 8' speaker 100 watts and the sound is alittle off the Yamaha sure,. But when i need more volume I bring up the volume and they sound great ( and saves my Yamaha's )
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