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I just have a question. I am currently writing a heavy metal song, and my band has a keyboardist and right now, he's kinda sitting on the sidelines for this one cuz normally we're more alternative sounding, but I just put the thrash on for this one. My question is, how do you add a keyboard into heavy metal? I know bands like ghost do it, but the tone of my keyboard doesn't sound like theirs, it just doesn't seem right for some reason. Any suggestions?
It can be quite tricky to add keyboards in to heavier stuff cause guitars tend to take up a lot of space. Start by doubling up/harmonsing some of the guitar parts with a lead sound or using a pad that hangs around the root notes and occasionally deviates to add tension, see where that leads you. Unfortunately there's not much else I can suggest without hearing the song.
It's very, very rare to hear keys in thrash. You'll probably want to do what a lot of prog bands do and focus on modern sounding textures and backdrops.




(basically all of it)

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If you have more than one guitar playing throughout, and especially if one of those guitars is playing an upper-register arpeggio, it's not hard for me to imagine the keyboardist playing that part instead.
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Evil Scarecrow have some great ekys in their stuff, and they can be pretty damn thrashy too


The thing about them though is that the piano doesn't go in the same parts as the thrash, like there will be a break and then piano comes softy in, I wanted to integrate the two more, so have piano while thrash is going on. At least, in this song that's what they are doing, I dont know about the other ones, but it seems like they are putting the keys after the heavy parts rather than combining the two. I think I figured out a way to do it though, I'll put a recording up when I finish studioing it.
there are songs with better examples, galacticus is the best but i couldn't find a link anywhere.
Dio had a keyboard throughout.
With keys you can use the bassier (root) notes to great effect lending accents to bars or chord changes.
Whereas the higher notes can be used to add flavour, try some opeth, the watershed album is full of awesome keys and metal.