Hi all,

I have to play a song at a wedding, canon in d, and I'll only have a PA speaker to plug into. Last time I did this, I played with an electric acoustic guitar but the wind went into the soundhole and it was just an awful feedback experience.

This time, I'm going to use my acoustic guitar but it sounds pretty poor without some sort of reverb about it.

I would like to use my multifx although since it's outdoor, I'll need a pedal that takes a 9v battery.

Can you recommend me a reverb pedal? Or something to make it sound decent? I don't plan on using it again so I'm on a budget.

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Zoom 505 used with heavy duty 9v battery will get you about an hour. You can buy that for about $5 used, bypass all the fx just leave the verb.

If not that maybe a EH Smallstone or you could try off a small Pandora or Boss Micro Br used player, I use my Micro Br (essentially Boss GT-6 in walkman size) withe rechargeable batteries all the time and get about 3 hrs of performance. You'll have to remember to set it not to go in sleep mode though, as it tends to do that by default.

You sure the PA speaker doesn't have reverb? Might want to look into it, some have built in fx.
Target sells cheap pedals. You could try there.

Are you sure there won't be any electric out there to plug into? How are they powering the PA?