This ones a quick question. One of my friends has an agile and realized that there is a 100k pot instead of 25k in his guitar so it raised a question and since I avoid actives I wasn't 100% sure so I figured I'd ask you guys.

As we know with passives there is a big difference going higher or lower in resistances of pots lipstick to humbucker pickups. I know blackouts originally came with 100k pots instead of 25k and that had to be for a reason.

In a realistic scenario say for example the boring regular EMG 81/85 set if I used a 100k pot instead of 25k is there a difference in sound? or does the volume act like a tone control where we'd get more control out of the volume from 10 to 1.
thanks for the reassurance. I'm sticking with 100k if i wire up any more actives if it's the case.