Hello. How do you sync video of your playing with sound of your guitar? I know you have to look at your wave but its not 100% accurate
I use a rather elaborate program (Abode Premiere) but I can tell you that looking at a wave file is still difficult to sync to if there is a lot of background noise like a live recording situation. I bought a "Clapper Board" on Amazon. If you use it at the start of a video to make that loud "click" and sync it up with the video showing the closing of the "clapper", syncing is really easy. It's a cheap solution ($14) and is well made. It can save you lots of frustration when syncing video and audio.
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^^ What RickHolly said. Get a clap board. Or even without that just make a really loud clap while you are visible on camera so you can sync the hit to the video.

Or you can use this program Pluraleyes which will sync the audio for you. It's a pretty awesome program.


I'm a video editor by trade... I do this all day long. It can be a real pain in the ass if not shot/recorded properly.
"Look at your wave...", haha, good luck with that.

In my experience by far the easiest is to just play along your recording and record the sound at the same time. After that you just synchronise the sound of your video and original recording.